An interpretive reading of the Apocalypse of St. John the Divine


After years of dedicated study, Dr. Christie has written a book entitled, The Gold Mine, to lead readers in a careful journey through the Apocalypse (also known as the book of Revelation.) He does not tell us that we have to accept his interpretations; instead, he repeatedly points us back to the text of the Apocalypse and invites us to evaluate for ourselves whether his conclusions are consistent with it.

It is the purpose of The Patmos Project to inspire much awareness and conversation about the prophecies of the Apocalypse and in so doing to help shape what will become the final product, an audio-video interpretive reading of this ancient book. It is hoped that the newly released book, The Gold Mine, will seem a credible starting point for discussions to follow.

The main premise of Dr. Christie’s book is that, according to the Apocalypse itself, the future of humanity is in the hands of its Creator God. All that is predicted to come upon the earth is in perfect conformity to the purposes of this God; conversely, this means that the earth and its inhabitants are not merely subject to random or cause and effect outcomes. What is coming is by design.

Here is an excerpt from The Gold Mine that identifies the Creator God as the focal point of the Apocalypse itself, and that sets the trajectory for the interpretative reading which is the ultimate goal of The Patmos Project.

One has only to read the first five words of the book of Revelation to suspect that its message will not be for everyone. It may be a book that reveals the gold for which the Creator God ultimately is seeking; it may reliably forecast a plan which is soon to unfold upon the earth; it may accurately describe waves of imminent, apocalyptic catastrophe from which everyone would more naturally prefer to escape; it may offer that exact escape to anyone willing to receive it. Nevertheless, the first five words may prove too strong a deterrent for some potential readers: “The Revelation of Jesus Christ.”
It is inescapable, the book of Revelation revolves around the Creator of the world, Jesus Christ. For a moment He had visited His creation in human form to accomplish the impossible; He then returned and resided ever since in the parallel realm of eternity. Revelation intentionally draws these two parallels of “earth” and “heaven” together, and its storyline simply fails without reference to Jesus; earthly events can be traced, but their purpose is lost.

A free copy of the book is available for you here in PDF format.