The pale horse


“And when he opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living being say, ‘Come!’ And I watched, and behold a pale horse. The name of its rider was ‘Death,’ and the ‘Grave’ was riding with him. To them authority was granted over a quarter of the earth to kill by sword and by hunger and by plague, and by the savage rulers of the earth.”
The Apocalypse 6.7-8

The “precursor” prophecy of the pale horse looks similar to that of the red horse, for death is the outcome of each. However, in the case of the red horse, it is a prediction of individual people killing other people. The prophecy of the pale horse speaks of calamities and atrocities that affect¬†large numbers of people at the same time. Note that this is not a prediction of a quarter of the earth’s population being killed, but that a quarter of the inhabited earth will be impacted by such adversity.

The kind of circumstances suggested here are things like genocide, civil war, barbic law and law enforcement, starvation (not just hunger), contagious, spreading sickness and disease, and war.

I have not had time to investigate statistics yet, so there is no estimate included here as to how much of the world’s population might be currently facing circumstances like these. However, any review of the BBC Word News or similar resource quickly suggests that such things¬†currently prevail in many corners of the earth.

Admittedly, my residence in southern Ontario feels so secure and immune to what so much of the rest of earth’s population is facing. It is like there are two different planets on which people have to live, some so protected, some so difficult. However, even here in North America we cannot help but hear the thunder of the horse hooves.

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