Vision Statement

BHAG:  The purpose of The Patmos Project is that the world be prepared for the complex series of events surrounding the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Strategic objectives:

  1. The production, global distribution, and widespread reception of an audio / video presentation, in as many languages as possible, that provides a credible, interpretive “reading” of the New Testament book known as The Apocalypse, or, the Book of Revelation. [This presentation to be distributed in DVD and / or other available data formats.] The audio script of the “reading” will consist of the text of Revelation itself. The “interpretive” element will be provided through the video component which will combine narration, dramatic performance, still and video photography, sound effects, historic and contemporary art, computer graphics, animation, etc.

Note: It may also be possible for The Patmos Project presentation to be performed live in theatre venues especially in the surroundings of southern Ontario where the project is being developed.

  1. As an appendage to the audio / video production described in #1 above, a secondary production of a videotaped series of 5-6 illustrated talks given by Dr. James Christie (dubbed in the respective languages), arising out of the “interpretive reading” of Revelation. These talks will offer counsel as to how a person can respond positively to the message of Revelation and prepare personally for “rescue.”
  2. In support of the distribution and reception of the above audio / video productions, a live talk given in person by Dr. Christie, in as many venues as possible globally. This live talk may be one of the 5-6 instructive talks included on the DVD [or other format], or it may be an additional but related talk.

Foundational Resources: Bible translations of the Book of Revelation; The Gold Mine (an interpretive reading of the Book of Revelation, by Dr. James Christie, Ph.D.)